Team & Project Leader/Architect

Front Office

Asset Management

Randolph Flesch

+33 06 10 36 51 90

major strengths

·         Ten years as team leader for Front Office applications.

·         Very good knowledge of financial products and instruments.

·         Excellent knowledge of the processes of Asset Management and Sophis Value.

·         Excellent knowledge of object-oriented programming.

·         Support of the Front Office, trading floor and Straight Through Processing.

·         Excellent knowledge of relational databases.




Sophis Value, instruments and processes of finance, Support Front Office, basics of Greeks.

Operating Systems

Windows (2003, 2000, XP, NT, 95), Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Irix).


Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, SQL, ProC, JDBC.


C++, C, Java, Fortran, HPF, VBScript, perl, postscript, ksh, sed, awk.

Development web

Html, XML, DTD, XSL, cgi, apache serveur, applets, servlets.




Control-M, Tuxedo, WebLogic, MQ Series, Citrix



Release Management

SVN, ClearCase, CVS, SNIFF, RCS.


Reuters DataScope, Scientific calculation.





Maternal language.






Professional experience


Duration: 6 years 5 months (Jan. 2011 – present)

Tracker, Sql Server, vbs, C#, Visual Studio, Oracle, Sybase, Sql Server, Windows 2003, , SVN.



·         Order passing.

·         Tracker and Sophis Value.


Team Leader/Technical Lead

·         Leader of a team of 6 C++ developers (Sophis Value, 2011-2013).

·         Leader of a team of 6 vbs/sql developers (Tracker, 2013-present).

·         Migration of 4 applications to new Data Center.

·         Migration of funds and processes from Sophis Value to Tracker.

·         Integration of Tracker into the BNPP IP operating model.

·         Major Tracker Upgrades: 2.10 to 2.11, 2.11 to 3.1.

·         Database migrations: Sybase 15.0 to A15.7, Oracle 10g to 12c, Sql Server 2008 to Sql Server 2014.

·         Production support.

·         Developer for critical order passing process and compliance validation.


Mission at HSBC CIB

Duration: 12 months (Jan. 2010 – Jan. 2011)

Sophis Value, C++, Visual Studio, Oracle, Sybase, Windows 2003, ClearCase, SVN.



·         Market data (prices, correlations, volatities, interest rate curves, forex, dividends, etc…).

·         Financial instruments (ETFs, derivatives, etc…).

·         Sophis Risk.


Team Leader

·         Leader of the Market Data Management team.

·         Responsible for utilities which insert market data into Sophis Risk, the data coming from the xml-based HSBC referential.

·         Supervision of 2 C++ developpers.

·         Organisation and chairmanship of a “transverse” weekly meeting uniting all major clients of the Market Data.

·         Supervision of the developments underway.

·         Production support.

·         Responsible for a project to replace Sophis DRT snapshots by data obtained from Reuters DataScope Select extractions.


Mission at BNPPAM

Duration: 44 months (May 2006 – Jan. 2010)

Sophis Value, C++, Visual Studio, Oracle, Sybase, Windows 2003, ClearCase, SVN.



·         Financial instruments (Options, CDS, ABS, Callable Bonds,etc…).

·         Market data (prices, interest rate curves, forex, dividends, etc…)

·         Sophis (Workflows, Blotters, Preferences, etc…)

·         Straight Through Processing.


Team Leader

·         Leader of a team of 3-5 C++ developers.

·         Supervision of two project leaders.

·         Organisation and chairmanship of a weekly meeting for our 10-person team.

·         Participation in the weekly meeting on the technical architecture.

·         Supervision of tests and deployment into production.

·         Recruitment of C++ developers for the team.

·         Assured that the measures of “Quality” (CMMI) were followed.

·         Collaboration with functional homologues to assess feasibility of their needs and to signal any inconsistencies or impossibilities.

·         Last line of support of the production environments.

·         Supervision of the developments underway.

·         Management of the relations with the third-party software vendors.


Architect / Technique Expert

·         Responsible for the overall architecture of three Sophis Value implementations.

·         Interfacing of Sophis Value with other front- and middle-office applications.

·         Specification of the characteristics (memory, CPUs …) of production servers.

·         Fusion of two different Sophis Value applications.

·         Establishment of automatic non regression tests.

·         Writing technical specifications.

·         Design and deployment of a Citrix architecture giving access to users in New York, London, Singapore et Hong Kong to BNPPAM Sophis Value applications.

·         Design and deployment of a mechanism for the deployment of Sophis and BNPPAM components into the environments of test, validation, pre-production and production using a unique MSI package.

·         Design and deployment of a set of « Indicators of Performance ».

·         Migrations Sophis: 3.0®3.1, 3.1®3.2, 3.2®3.3.

·         Migration Oracle: 9i ®10g.

·         Migration code source: ClearCase ® SVN.

·         Deployment of several STP: BNPPAM «BP2I, BNPPAM«FFTW New York, BNPPAM«GOS-IEI.

·         Evolutions of the interface between the BNPPAM trading desk and Sophis.

·         Deployment of the delegated management of a portfolio between BNPPAM Ixis.

·         Support of Front Office fund managers.

·         Design and deployment of utilities for the surveillance the production servers.

·         Studies and deployments of various server-side CORBA components of Sophis.

·         Participation in the « Citrix Performance» task force.

·         Developed C++ customisations of Sophis Value using the « Sophis Toolkit ».

ROBECO (Asset management)

Duration: 53 months (October 2001 – February 2006)

C++, Tuxedo, Unix (AIX), Oracle, SQL, MQ Series, XML, XSL, DTD, Windows (2000, XP), ITP, Java, Weblogic, WTC, CVS, Eclipse, Ant.


Development of middleware services.

·         Architected, developed and deployed middleware services.

·         Organisation of the team’s developments: management of the code source, correction of bugs, service life-cycle, tests, nightly build.

·         Developed and maintained a C++ Tuxedo workflow application which creates documents destined for distribution to clients. The documents were created via a sequence of data transformations (Oracle to XML to pdf or Word).

·         Writing of Release Management procedures (in English).

·         Writing of technical specifications (in English).

·         Migration of 100.000+ lines de code en C++ from Sniff+ to CVS.

·         Migration of Tuxedo Servers: Tuxedo 6.4 to 8.0 and AIX 4.1 to 4.3.

·         Detection and correction of memory leaks.

·         Development of Java servlets using JDBC.

·         Deployment, configuration, and support of three different major versions of ITP Intelligent Text Processing).

·         Study and development of XSL transformations to produce XML from data an an Oracle database.

ING Bank

Duration: 32 months (November 1998 – July 2001)

Unix (Solaris, AIX), Tivoli, Apache Server, Systems RAID, System V Packaging, DHCP, Jumpstart, NIS+, LDAP


Responsible for all technical aspects of a network of Sophis production serversz on which ran bank-critical applications.

·         Deployment of software for traders (Summit, Sophis, Asset Management, Reuters, Bloomberg, Tibco, etc…).

·         Sizing, ordering, installation et configuration of Solaris servers.

·         Supervision of two junior system administrators.

·         Conception, development et deployment into production of a multi-platform, distributed monitoring infrastructure de monitoring using Tivoli TEC.

·         Installation and configuration of a JumpStart infrastructure permitting the complete installation of Solaris servers without intervention..

·         Deployment of various security measures (secures NFS, BoKS, SSH, restrictive versions of /etc/services, /etc/initd.conf, etc…).

·         Installation, configuration deployment of various RAID storage systems (Sun StorEdge, Baydel Raid 5, Veritas).

·         Study and prototyping of a C++ CORBA server (Gnu MICO CORBA 2.3.1) for the transfer of files between diverse platforms (AIX, Solaris, Windows).

·         Installation deployment into production of an html apache server..



BEA SYSTEMS (Middleware software company)

Duration: 12 months (August 1997 – August 1998)

Tuxedo, C, Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SCO), Windows NT, Cobol, Clearcase


Senior Consultant for the support centre in Paris.

·         Provided trilingual support (French, English, and German) for all BEA products.

·         Principle customer contact for Deutsche Telekom.

·         Developed mechanisms for debugging Tuxedo servers written in COBOL running under Windows NT.

UNION BANk of switzerland

Duration: 18 months (March 1996 – August 1997)

Unix (Solaris, HP-UX), Tivoli


Project Leader/Unix Expert

·         Project leader of a team of 4 developers who ported the OPENLAN infrastructure from Solaris 2.5 to HP-UX 10.10.

·         Development and maintenance of OPENLAN, an infrastructure for the administration and security of applications which run on 250+ production Unix servers worldwide.

·         Conception and implementation of a test suite which automatically validated various components of OPENLAN.

·         Last line of support for all Solaris servers installed on 250+ production Unix servers worldwide..


Duration: 24 months (September 1993 – September 1995)

Unix (Solaris, Irix), HPF, CM5, Cray


Researcher / System Administrator.

·         Studied the propagation of ultra-short (10 fs) pulses in nonlinear materials via numerical simulation of vector Maxwell equations in 3D. Programs written in Fortran or parallel versions thereof.

·         Administered a network of Unix (Sun and SGI) servers and workstations, including an SGI supercomputer.

·         Evaluated the performance of Cray, SGI, KSR, TMC, DEC, IBM supercomputers leading to the purchase of an SGI machine.


Duration: 28 months (April 1991 – August 1993)

Sun-OS, Ultrix32, CM-2, CM-5, HFP, Cstar, Datavault, Scalable Disk Array


Responsible for a supercomputer centre.

·         Development and optimisation of programs running on supercomputers.

·         Promoted the use of supercomputers via education and consulting.




·         1987 : Ph. D. in Physics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, U.S.A

·         1982:  B. Sc. in Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.

·         1982: B. Sc. in Mathematics University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.


·         Creation of pdf documents given the raw date in XML format using: ITP (Intelligent Text Processing), iText, passiveTeX, XSL, FOP.

·         University-level teaching of mathematics (calculus, linear algebra).